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Resilo the most effective physiotherapy

Resilo Treatment

RESILO Treatment

Straighten out any body ailments you might have.

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What does RESILO treatment involve?

Appointments last 60 minutes. The first appointment will involve a short interview to check for any history of injuries and medical conditions, so please come about 10 minutes before the set time.

Treatments are given with gentle hands-on work.

The motion administered is the important thing, not the touch of skin, so clothes are kept on at all times. 

Most ideal clothing to wear for your appointment: Shirt, T-shirt, light trousers, tracksuit.
Not ideal: Thick and tight material such as jeans, heavy trousers, winter cloth, etc.


It is highly recommended that you start with two treatments, as a second within a week has been shown to cause the best and most assured recovery.

For some long term body problems, 5 to 10 treatments may be needed.

RESILO has its limits when it comes to body problems that are not related to stuck pain in the tissues. In such cases our RESILO Practitioner would refer you to a relevant professional

Price List

Master RESILO Practitioner Certified RESILO Practitioner
Standard Price £60 £45
2 Appointments (New Clients) £100 £80
3 Appointments (5% Discount) £170 £130
5 Appointments (10% Discount) £270 £200
10 Appointments (15% Discount) £510 £380
Child (Under 14) £30 £25

* Discounts apply when paid in advance

We also do call outs to your home.

Local home visit £90.00*
Local home visit after 6pm £120.00*
Home visit in London £200.00*

* Dependent on Location

Note: If you need to cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice.

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