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Resilo the most effective physiotherapy


The History of RESILO Therapy

4th Generation

Chris Slocombe: (1957)

Chris trained under his father, Keith Slocombe, from an early age.

After years of study and apprenticeship he re-structured the works of his father and concentrated on and refined the RESILO Therapy.

Chris received raving testimonials from VIPs like John Cleese: ‘Chris The Magician’, Sean Connery: ‘You’ve got the touch’, Britt Ekland: ‘Dearest Christopher’, Wayne Sleep ‘I performed better’, Arabian Princess ‘Only one who could take the pain away’. Others named him with ‘The Man with the Golden Finger‘. Some think he works miracles.

Some believe this is unique and only he can work these wonders but the fact is:

RESILO is a new and teachable technology that brings about stunning results in a body!

3rd generation

history3Keith Slocombe: (1930 to 2006)

Acclaimed researcher and developer of various health principles and therapies in the field of physiology, such as Soft Tissue Mobilisation & Connective Tissue Massage, Hydro Therapy, Acute Recovery and

Discoverer of the 13th Body System: The RESILO REFLEX

Acknowledged worldwide as an authority on sports injuries.

Founder and Head Physician of the St. Ives Hydro and Harley Street Holistic Clinic (the first holistic clinic in the UK).

Some of his clients were various British Olympic Teams, International Rugby Players, Khan Family (three generations of World Champions in Squash), various Ballet Companies.

2nd generation

Albert Clark: (1889 to 1958)

He ran one of the first physiotherapy clinics using his father’s, Prof. Thomas Clark, inventions.

1st generation

history1Prof. Thomas Clark: (1866 to 1948)

Acclaimed medical inventor e.g. X-ray equipment, electro-static & bio-electrical equipment and loads more.

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