SUCCESS after RESILO treatment:

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‘Chris The Magician’ – John Cleese
‘You’ve got the touch’ – Sean Connery
‘Dearest Christopher’ – Britt Ekland
‘I performed better’ – Wayne Sleep
‘Only one who could take the pain away’ – Arabian Princess

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” As a former competitive weight lifter I found the therapy to be very relaxing and therapeutic. The movement is gentle but effective. “
Mr G.V.
World Record Holder & Competitive Strongman

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” Thank you for the Resilo Therapy you rendered to my mother, in Singapore over 7 sessions from Jul – Aug 2017. 

There is hope to hasten recovery even of paralysis!!!

My 81-year-old mother had a bad fall 2 years ago in which 2 vertebral bones in her lower spine cracked. She was paralysed waist down and lost any sensations from waist down to her toes. In addition to that her hips, legs and feet kept twitching and shaking involuntarily throughout the day and night. She felt great discomfort, tiredness and pain due these frequent involuntary vibrations.

She was very happy and her face lighted up after your first session. She became cheerful and felt the hardened parts of her body loosened. The involuntary movements of her lower body and limbs reduced drastically and for the first time in many months she could sleep well and the caregivers didn’t hear any noise due to her legs banging on the barriers of her bed when she slept at night.

During the second session, she could feel your touch on her legs and feet. She had pins and needles which subsided about 24 hours after the session. When you pressed the bottom of sole of her right foot, her right leg moved drastically. Her involuntary movements further reduced and she didn’t feel tired and pain at her waist and sides of her body.

After the 3rd and 4th session, she could feel more sensations on her legs. Her caregiver reported that her digestive muscles required to push out waste were working with more ease as beforehand her muscles seemed to be frozen in that area.

During the 5th session, my mother could feel your touch even much better than during the previous two sessions. She was very happy that after this 6th session she could feel her tummy ached whenever she needed to pass motion and could feel the movement of pushing waste. She could even feel her urine flow. She could also shift her buttocks slightly when she was seated. The swellings on her knees, legs and feet were greatly reduced too.

During the 7th session, when you pressed a clump of stuck nerves behind my mother’s knees, the respective sides of the hip from waist to knee twitched. Her soles and feet are visibly less swollen by now. When she lay face down during the session, mucus accumulates in her nose ridding phlegm from her lungs.

She reported that after more than 2 months of no Resilo follow ups, her leg vibrations came back again but not as drastic and frequent as before the Resilo Therapy.

She was very eager to continue the Resilo Therapy with you as she felt confident that it could help her recover faster from her paralysis. Although England is too cold weather for her. Luckily we now have a recently graduated level 2 student who will be delivering Resilo on her in Singapore.

My mother, my family and I are greatly grateful and thankful to you and the Slocombe family having promoted this wonderful and amazing Resilo Technique to the world.  “

N.N (Daughter)

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” Twice Chris has helped me with his RESILO Technique to stand and walk and run again pain-free – without the need of any drugs and surgery.

It was 2009, at a fair in Sussex: I, not being so young anymore, dared to play with a hula hoop with my children. A few minutes later I knew I should not have done so. Next morning, I could neither lay, sit, walk, nor stand without a horrible pain in my back. It was then, that a friend referred me to Chris. And after just a few minutes at my first appointment I knew this was different to anything else I had experienced so far in my life.

I have to mention that I am a fan of massage, and as I travel a lot for business purposes, I regularly grant myself one. Up to this point, I could swear that Chinese physiotherapists were the best in the world. They probably still are… except for this British guy: Chris Slocombe.

Back to my Hula Hoop tortured back: After about half an hour my pain was completely gone! And my jaw dropped – but that did not hurt.

On a nice sunny Sunday in 2013, I was playing football with my son on a hard court. An hour later I knew I should not have done so. Next morning my left knee was swollen to a degree that I could hardly walk. But I made it to Queen Victoria Hospital where, after an X-ray, an MRI was suggested.

It took ages to get an appointment for that MRI scan. I remembered Chris. “If he can also handle my knee?”, was my question. “Well, we can try”, was his understated humble answer. So we “tried” with Resilo, with about one to two treatments a week.

By the time, about two to three months later, when I got that MRI done, the diagnosis was, and I quote: “medial meniscal tear (that is a tear of the cartilage on the inside of your knee) which is the cause of the pain on the inside of your knee. I note from your email dated 1st of July 2013 that your knee is actually improving.” (I had informed the surgeon that I was getting physiotherapy and that it was showing a positive result.)

So, his suggested options for treatment were, and I quote again:
“1. To wait and see how your knee progresses or 2. To consider key whole surgery to your knee.”

I decided option 1, i.e. continue the Resilo treatment.  And today I am very happy that I decided so and not for the surgery: After about 20 Resilo treatments my knee was fully operational again! And I am happy to say that today I jog, run and play football with my son again at age 60 (me, not my son ;-). “

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” Within minutes Chris was able to find the spots that had been stuck for years. I almost can’t believe how Resilo was able to reconnect me with the different parts of my body in just a few treatments.”
Mr V.J.
IT Business Owner


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” Chris, you are a most charming and caring man, with magic hands – Yes I had to say that, because when you treated me I really felt that you connected with the energy fields within my body and resolved to smooth them out and unleash the flows. I felt I was in the hands of someone who really understood what he was doing with years of practice.

It was a very much needed treatment, beginning with the lower body first and moving upwards to the head. In the end I was most surprised with the amount of accumulated stuck energies that came free from my face, teeth, gums and head area! 

I came for a treatment because I had a lot of pain at the side of my neck – kind of a deep aching pain that would not go away. It is now SO much better after only one treatment.

The feeling I felt when I got off the massage table was SUCH a huge difference in my body. So much stuck energy was GONE that I simply had to top it all off with a good, unexpected cry!

It has now been 2 days since I got my treatment and I have been sleeping so much better and today I painted an entire room and had  NO PAINS at all! It was such a relief not having any body aches while having to do this work.

Thank you Chris for being there, this RESILO treatment was much appreciated. ”
Private School Matron

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” I could not stand, sit or walk. Even while lying down I was in excruciating pain. I was ready to call an ambulance, go to the hospital and straight into surgery – after having refused this 3 times over the last 10 years.

This time it was too much! I was used to a lot of body pain as an athlete, but nothing compared to this. Chris came on the third day and in 3 hours I could stand, walk and sit! I was so relieved! I was not crippled and the pain was a lot less, and there was hope again.

After 3 treatments I could take on my whole day of work and felt pain free again. The fact that I could understand what he was doing also helped me to take control of my body again, and for the first time I realized that I was mis-handling it. The body was being effect of my reflect and abuse of it! Not the other way round.

I have a PLD in Human Movement and a Specialization in Adapted/Special Physical Education & Recreahation. I must say I have never seen, done or experienced anything like this!
All my appreciation “
National Trainer & Coach

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” I was told by 2 Harley Street Specialists that I must never ride again after receiving spinal surgery. With your help (Resilo Treatment) I qualified for the Arabian European Championships! “

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” I have had two Resilo treatments to date, and I find the method quite transformational. Not knowing what to expect, I felt various surprising changes in my body, such as: a lightness in my step; a loosening of the rigidity of middle age and a definite softening of really tight muscles in my neck and shoulders.
What is most surprising to me is the way these changes have lasted. A month on, and I still continue to feel an improved energy, vitality and well-being. I feel that fundamental changes have occurred and that the Resilo treatments address structure on a very deep level.
Truly enhancing and unique. Unlike any chiropractor, osteopath, reflexologist or massage I have had to date! “
English Teacher

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” This was an experience!!! Absolutely amazing!! Amazing!!
I feel like I have been carrying weights on my legs and now it feels like about 30 kilos have just come off! My legs are light! And the whole body feels lighter, at least by 50 kilos. It’s incredible! The mobility of my legs and arms and my back and neck has increased enormously and my body feels calmer and more relaxed. My body is a lot happier! Its “alive” factor has increased big time. My neck was very tight and stiff and painful. It’s not tight anymore and I can move it left, right, back and forth without effort. This was a great help. Thank you ever so much. ”
Ad Executive

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 ” I had an accident gardening and my hand feels normal again – that’s amazing after only a few minutes work on it! “
Mrs C.B.

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Post Hip Operation

(1x Treatment)

” Threw away crouches and leg length now even and now walking better. Like night & Day, its quite miraculous/ You were so certain you would change the leg and that’s what happened and to think i was abut to resort to more intensive measures to improve it. Marvelous. ”

Mrs L.F.

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” That’s incredible I can’t believe you’ve  just done that in an hour treatment. I feel right again after 2 years of being stuck and having other treatments. ”

Mrs R.S
Cranial Osteopathy