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RESILO is a word coined by the late Harley Street Physiotherapist Keith Slocombe during his research of the behavior of tissues on impact and normal wear and tear. It is a holistic and drug-free technique to reset the body to its original pain-free and fully functioning state.

What is Resilo

RESILO Therapy can help you with: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Sprains and Strains, Tennis Elbow, Old Injuries, Functional Rehabilitation.

Resilo works uniquely by addressing what causes pain – the physical stress and strain locked in the body tissues.

During many treatments it was discovered that injured body cells shut down proportional to the degree of impact. This caused the cells to change their normal operation, becoming unseen and unfelt, bringing about malfunction, only functioning again if they resile (go back to their original state).

Such shut down areas over-protect and cause uneven wear & tear, considerably reducing the body‘s aliveness. RESILO Therapy stimulates the RESILO Reflex encouraging the tissues to spring back. 

Resilo Results

RESILO Treatment can:

* Remedy physical malfunctions by promoting repair of the tissues
* Improve one’s overall fitness and well-being
* Remedy residual hidden pain of old injuries
* Relieve acute injuries bringing about a re-set of the injured area
* Remedy the normal wear and tear and aging of the body

It is a genuine way to re-set the body to its original pain-free and fully functioning state! 


‘Chris The Magician’ – John Cleese 
‘You’ve got the touch’ – Sean Connery
‘Dearest Christopher’ – Britt Ekland
‘I performed better’ – Wayne Sleep
‘Only one who could take the pain away’ – Arabian Princess

” As a former competitive weight lifter I found the therapy to be very relaxing and therapeutic. The movement is gentle but effective. “
Mr G.V.
World Record Holder & Competitive Strongman

”Within minutes Chris was able to find the spots that had been stuck for years. I almost can’t believe how Resilo was able to reconnect me with the different parts of my body in just a few treatments.”
Mr V.J.
IT Business Owner

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