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Resilo the most effective physiotherapy



Keith Slocombe

RESILO was developed by Keith Slocombe.

Keith was active from 1952 till 1996 as an acclaimed researcher and developer of various health principles and therapies in the field of physiology. These included Soft Tissue Mobilisation & Connective Tissue Massage, Hydro Therapy, Acute Recovery and from his extensive experience he developed RESILO THERAPY.

Keith founded, and was the head physician of the St. Ives Hydro and Harley Street Holistic Clinic (the first holistic clinic in UK) and became a recognised authority worldwide in dealing with sports injuries.

His clients included various rugby players, the Khan family (three generations of world champions in squash), various Ballet companies and professionals from various fields.

Chris Slocombe

RESILO was further developed by Chris Slocombe, Keith’s son.

Chris has been active since 1977 and trained under his father from an early age. After years of study and apprenticeship, he further developed the RESILO Therapy and restructured the works of his father, so they could be taught to interested therapists.

Raving success stories and statements came from VIPs like:

John Cleese: “Chris The Magician”
Sean Connery: “You’ve got the touch”
Britt Ekland: “Dearest Christopher”
Wayne Sleep “I performed better”
Arabian Princess “Only one who could take the pain away”

Others named him with “The Man with the Golden Finger”.

Some think he works miracles. Others believe this is unique and only Chris himself can work these wonders. But the fact is: RESILO is a new and teachable technology!

You can experience RESILO therapy yourself by making a booking as well as train to be an expert practitioner yourself.

RESILO Therapy

RESILO Therapy is a soft tissue therapy technique for addressing physical injuries, as well as improving and reaching higher levels of fitness.

​It was discovered that injured body cells shut down proportional to the degree of impact. This caused the cells to change their normal operations, becoming ‘unseen’ and unfelt, thus bringing about malfunction and only functioning again if they resile (go back to their original state).

These areas of injury (even from many years in the past) effectively shut down different areas of the body in an attempt to protect it but when not addressed the effect is to over-protect and cause uneven wear and tear, considerably reducing the body‘s alertness. RESILO Therapy stimulates what is caused the RESILO Reflex, encouraging the tissues to return to life more completely.

RESILO Results

Resilo Treatment can:

Remedy physical malfunctions by promoting repair of the tissues 
Improve one’s overall fitness and well-being
Remedy residual hidden pain of old injuries
Relieve acute injuries bringing about a re-set of the injured area
Remedy the normal wear and tear and aging of the body

It is a genuine way to re-set the body to its original pain-free and fully functioning state!

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